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Bank of Canada holds interest rate at 1%

Bank of Canada Building
Today the Bank of Canada announced that it is keeping its overnight lending rate at 1%.  The last change by the Bank of Canada was in September of last year, when the rate was raised from 0.75% to 1%.  I expect that today’s announcement will keep a steady flow of buyers into the
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New mortgage rules effective today

There’s been a lot of press and chatter about the federal government’s tightening of mortgage rules since it was announced on June 20th.  In fact,  today I was asked by two separate people regarding my thoughts on the matter.  I’m not sure what news they’ve bee
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Accentuate the positive

living room interior - photo
Presentation is everything. I viewed a house last night, and it was a lovely house that ticked all the boxes: it was huge and solid on great treed lot in a fantastic area of the Upper Beach. But it lacked presence inside. It was dark as all the lights were off. The sun room’s po
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