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Market Update – Jan 31

Being that we are Toronto’s oldest and largest independent real estate brokerage, it’s safe to say that we have seen it all. We know the weather has an impact on people’s motivation to get out and look at houses, but this week we are going to blame the decrease in listings solely on t
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Market Update – Jan 21

Have you heard? The Toronto spring real estate madness is underway. Several significant home sales happened this week including 32 offers on a $650k house in the west end and 6 offers on a $2M in the central core. We were right in the middle of both offers with several of our agents.
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Market Update – Jan 17

Back in the good old days we used to complain about the cold. That got a bit boring so the people who report the weather threw new terms at us like polar vortex and frost quakes. None of us can really explain these phenomena but they don’t just sound cold….they sound super cold.
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