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Market Update – September 26

Last Week a friend remarked that his summer lasted exactly one day. He remembered that Wednesday well. It was hot and sunny. So, yeah, everyone complained about our lousy summer. In fact it was just one of the many hot topics going around the city. Naturally there was the chance of po
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Searching for a Home? Consider the High Cost of the Commute

Location is important when looking for a house, of course, but consideration needs to be given not just to what neighbourhood you want to live in, but to where your new home will be in relation to work and other obligations. The costs of a commute are more than a tank of gas or a mont
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How did August 2014 perform?

Check out Bosley’s August real estate wrap-up infographic. “We will remember the summer of 2014 for two things. First, not one single smog alert and second, a blockbuster real estate market. Hot on the heels of the second best July ever, August was a standout with a year over ye
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