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Market Update – October 24

Turns out that last week’s less than stellar real estate numbers were not just the result of a minor blip in the stock market. We have identified the main culprit….turkey hangover. Yes, that key ingredient of the bird itself, tryptophan, doesn’t just make you sleepy it makes you slowe
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Market Update – October 17

Every once in a while you get ‘one of those weeks’ that prove the Toronto real estate market isn’t an island unto itself. Apparently there is life outside our little corner of the world. Last week we saw a perfect demonstration of how external forces affect real estate in our city as
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How did September 2014 perform?

Check out Bosley’s September real estate wrap-up infographic. “The Fall market hit the city hard this year which resulted in an almost 11% increase in the number of transactions compared to last September. Despite that increase, Toronto is still witnessing a persistent shortage of new
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Market Update – October 3

As if there was any surprise, 2014 is shaping up to be another record breaking year for real estate sales in the GTA. Naturally, this is good news for those selling and downsizing, and bad news for those trying so desperately to break into the home ownership arena. Over the short term
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