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Market Update – Apr 24

One of the best presents we got last week was the end of construction on the Gardiner Expressway. After more than a year of lane closures and avoidance at all costs, we are falling in love with our elevated highway all over again. No more playing “guess the alternative route across to
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Market Update – Apr 17

The other day we saw someone wearing shorts. No, seriously. It wasn’t just some random kid trying to make a point either. It was actually warm outside which leads us to believe that road construction is just around the corner. If you are hoping to avoid traffic gridlock this sum
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How did March 2015 Perform?

Check out Bosley’s March real estate wrap-up infographic. “The topic d’jour has to be the increase in the number of bully offers we are seeing on a daily basis. This is a direct result of low inventory levels and exhausted buyers willing to do almost anything to secure a home.&#
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Market Update – Apr 3

Are you feeling confused and a bit out of sorts? It is most likely due to the “Holiday Vortex”…. Too many long weekends packed together. Fresh off March Break we rolled straight into the Easter long weekend. Common symptoms include weight gain and anxiety due to increased chocolate le
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