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Are you obsessed with real estate (I have a friend who surfs for fun)? If this is you…you’re not alone! Real estate: Why are we so obsessed? | Mortgages & Real Estate | Personal Finance | Financial Post Garry Marr: ‘Hey, wher
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Think you’ll get a deal by buying with a listing agent?

House for Sale
An old co-worker of mine recently told me about their friends, who have been forever hunting the market for a new home.  Their strategy is to contact the listing agent of a house they’re interested in, hoping that by working directly with the listing agent they will get a better
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To buy or not to buy? That is the question

My friend Joe Sammut at Mortgage Architects put together this handy comparison of what you could afford to purchase with the same amount you pas as rent. Just note that this is just a one-to-one comparison of rent to mortgage amount.  You would likely need to factor in maintenance fee
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New mortgage rules effective today

There’s been a lot of press and chatter about the federal government’s tightening of mortgage rules since it was announced on June 20th.  In fact,  today I was asked by two separate people regarding my thoughts on the matter.  I’m not sure what news they’ve bee
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