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Home improvement and ROI

On the heels of my recent posting, “6 things you think add value to your home – but really don’t” …Here’s what you should do! 5 home improvements that are worth the cost Existing home sales jumped 4.2 percent in May, the highest
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Renovating to add value

Want a pool or new landscaping? Take a read through this first… 6 Things You Think Add Value To Your Home – But Really Don’t | Certain projects, such as adding a well thought-out family room – or other functional space – can be a wise inves
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Technology in the home

Great strides have been made in making homes a bit more “tech savvy.” This technology allows you to run your home while away, through a Smartphone or iPad. These homes have been labeled as being “smart” due to the fact that they can seemingly think on their own. Do you have one? Do yo
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New porcelain marble look-alikes

Close up of porcelain marble look-alike tile
I was at Ciot yesterday, and happened by some new marble look-alike porcelain tiles.  I’ve been using real marble for years in my renovation projects.  Natural marble is absolutely beautiful, but it can also be very expensive ($20/sf and up for something nice), very sensitive to
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