Buying, Renovating and Selling Real Estate in Toronto
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Must a seller accept a full price offer?

In Toronto, it’s very common for a seller to underprice their home in hopes of soliciting multiple offers, thereby driving up the final purchase price.  Sometimes, the “offer date” passes and the sellers do not receive any offers.  And the very next day, someone will
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Home prices up, number of sales down

“Home prices in Toronto, Canada’s most-populous city, rose 5.4 percent in May from a year ago, the biggest increase in five months…Housing-market data are showing few signs of a sharp correction even amid warnings from analysts and policy makers that a bubble may have been
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How Realtors Help

How Realtors Help Video icon
Thinking about buying and selling in the next little while?  Thinking about doing it own your own, to save some hard earned cash? That’s fantastic, but there are a lot of things to consider along the way…so grab a pencil and take a look at this short video that’s sur
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Survey Studies Homeowners’ Top Concerns when Selling

Real Estate Definition
If you’ve ever sold your home, you’ll likely remember the myriad of contracts and legal documents you signed. But you likely don’t remember what you signed, aside from the asking price. Well, you’re not alone. In a recent Angus Reid Forum survey by the Ontario
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Why buyers pass on overpriced homes

Image weighing a house vs cash
Recently a friend and I got into a discussion about house pricing. He thinks that if a house is overpriced, buyers will simply submit a lower offer.  As this discussion has come up more and more among my friends, I’m beginning to think that this is the prevailing logic.  And it
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Accentuate the positive

living room interior - photo
Presentation is everything. I viewed a house last night, and it was a lovely house that ticked all the boxes: it was huge and solid on great treed lot in a fantastic area of the Upper Beach. But it lacked presence inside. It was dark as all the lights were off. The sun room’s po
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