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Alex and Neha

Cameron Thornton is truly a gem. We were referred to him by my sister and I have never met someone as genuine, knowledgable, available and as attentive as Cam. We have made a friend for life.

Cam helped us buy our first house last night. He guided us in the right direction and made sure that we were comfortable and sure of all of our moves. His “Spider” senses are dead on and when he is your realtor, he has your best interest at heart. He told us to stay away from properties that were gonna get us in trouble and steered us towards the ones that would be a great buy for us.

In the end, Cam ended up getting us our first dream home last night. WHICH HAPPENED TO BE HIS BIRTHDAY. He spent his entire day and evening with us and made sure that we were represented with utmost regard. He is professional and he is knowledgable and he is very well networked and renowned for his work.

What sets Cam apart from all other realtors is that he is genuine and is a delight to be around. We adore you Cameron Thornton! We have found a friend in you for life. Happy belated birthday to you and a happy new home to us!

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