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Eunice and Raimund

Cameron helped us purchase our very first home in the most efficient and effective way.  When I meet someone new for the first time, normally I’m very polite and reserved. But with Cameron, I was able to really open up about fears and dreams. I told him my fear of getting into the market. I whined about not knowing which neighbourhood I want to live in. I complained about my commute to work from Mimico. I praised my husband’s patience waiting for me to make up my mind regarding when and where I want our new home to be. Cameron has been such a great listener. He would let me vent about all my worries, and give me wonderful advice. But I am one of those “askholes”, I ask for advice, yet do the opposite of what I have been advised. So when I finally found a house that both my husband and I love regarding size, neighbourhood and price range, of course I tried to talk myself out of it because of my fear of getting into the real estate market. Cameron was able to paint the big picture for me. I was able to visualize a future that I don’t want to be in, regretting about not making the move when everything just felt so right. So on March 9, 2015, Cameron guided us very quickly to win the bidding of our first home. We literally saw the open house just a day before we made the purchase. We are so happy with the house and the way Cameron handled everything. If you want to work with a real estate agent who is real, lets you be you, and will step up for a super quick move when you are under the gun, Cameron is honestly the perfect person for it.

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