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Terry and Leanne

The market was very different from when we bought our house a short three years ago.  It was a scary place.  “Sellers market”, “Over asking”, “Holding back offers”.  Those were just some of the headlines in the news when we decided we wanted to list and take advantage of the hot market.  But where to begin? We knew we needed an experienced Agent.  One who knew the market and was resourceful.  Also we needed an Agent who could be honest with us and manage our expectations.

It was clear after our first meeting with Cameron that he was the Agent for us.  He quickly provided us a real assessment of our houses worth and devised a plan that would get us top dollar.  Once we gave him the “OK” that’s when the real magic took place.

We lead very busy lives; full time jobs, a toddler, etc. so the thought of figuring out all the details was daunting and overwhelming.  Cameron swooped in and went above and beyond his call of duty.  Whether it was setting up staging, picking out paint colours that would help sell our house fast or arranging a handyman to complete construction on our unfinished porch, Cameron was effective & efficient.
Once our house was sold, within a week and with multiple offers, Cameron made it his mission to find us our next home.  We are settled in now and enjoying our time together as a family.  Cameron still checks in and visits us and we are so happy that he does.  I consider him a friend and would recommend him to anyone who is interested in a professional who can get results.

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